What We Do

If you are here looking us up it is probably because you have realized that you have snoring issues and that whatever self-help you have tried to get rid of the snoring habit has not gone well. You have come to the right place. We make it our mission to help you make an informed decision on what your choice of treatment should be.

We offer various products that can be used at night. They include the nasal dilators that will help you if the root source of the snoring noise is your nose. This device is placed inside your nose. It keeps the nostrils open as you sleep, thus preventing you from snoring. There is the Mandibular advancement device is made up of a number of shields and splints that push your tongue and lower jaw forward. The device is kept in your mouth before you go to sleep. It creates more room in the airway. If the snoring comes from the base of the tongue, this is the device you need to stop the snoring. There are chin straps that you can use to hold your jaw together and keep your mouth closed while you sleep. This will help you breathe through your nose. This is useful if you snore through your mouth. A vestibular guard also works in a similar fashion by helping you breathe through your nose.

We also provide earplugs for your partner to be able to be with you while we try to cure you. Apart from gadgets, we also provide medication to help you with your snoring issues. There are surgeries that can be performed to help you completely cure your snoring. We do not recommend a surgery until all other options are ruled out. That is our mission. We want you to know that you are in good hands.